Legg Mason Capital Management Thought Leader Forum
Professor, Justin Wolfer's Presentation on Prediction Markets

Legg Mason Capital Management is one of the top financial investment firms in the world whose mission is to deliver outstanding long-term performance to its clients. They base their investing philosophy on incorporating a multitude of systems ideas from science, nature, the arts, sports, academic research, and behavioral science. Each year Legg Mason hosts a Thought Leader Forum that brings together speakers from an array of fields to present topics connected by an overall common thread.

In collaboration with our friends and associates at Sente Corporation, Griot's Eye provided graphic recording services at Legg Mason’s 2010 Thought Leader Forum. Capturing each speaker presentation in real-time on a variety of topics all connected to the idea of multidisciplinary thinking, cognitive diversity, group genius, prediction markets, and weak signal research. Noted economist and University of Pennsylvania professor, Justin Wolfers was so impressed by the graphic capture of his speaker presentation on prediction markets that he wrote about in The New York Times as part of the Freakonomics blog, which now can be viewed directly here.