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A Griot’s Eye Visual Story Snap Shot: The Mars Pathfinder/Sojourner Mission

This video is one example of Griot’s Eye’s Visual Storytelling services – it is a video “story snapshot” based on a sketch I created in 1998 in my journal when I still worked for MG Taylor Corporation. I decided to redesign the sketch and turn it into a video presentation after seeing the film, TheContinue Reading

The “Recording” Part of Graphic Recording

[Note: due to fiduciary reasons details have been obscurred] Live graphic recording can do many useful things to help collaborative groups learn and remember things. This image is less “graphic” than what I typically post but to the client it was equally effective. This was a record of a user feedback session about a pieceContinue Reading

A Client Recommendation from CEO Julie Murchinson of Health Evolution Summit

The following endorsement comes from CEO Julie Murchinson of Health Evolution Summit in regards to the work Griot’s Eye did in support of their 2015 healthcare summit: “To describe Christopher’s graphic recording services as exemplary or his foam boards as stunning would still be understating his exceptional professionalism and talent. During our three-day healthcare Summit,Continue Reading

Just Show Up & Add Value

Early in my days of learning the art and craft of graphic facilitation and knowledge work a mentor of mine imparted on me a piece of wisdom that I took to heart and bring to every client engagement I am a part of: “just show up and add value.” That’s my mantra. That is myContinue Reading

Harriet, The Freedom Fighter

I created this personal video with the help of my friend, Sherida Mulrowe, to commemorate one of history’s greatest freedom fighters, Harriet Tubman. In lieu of the fact that we just celebrated American Independence Day I thought it would be thoughtful to post this tribute to a true American Patriot — whether America realizes it orContinue Reading

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