[Note: due to fiduciary reasons details have been obscurred] Live graphic recording can do many useful things to help collaborative groups learn and remember things. This image is less “graphic” than what I typically post but to the client it was equally effective.

This was a record of a user feedback session about a piece of healthcare billing software. The chief programmers conducted the session to hear suggestions from the users in the room about what they did and did not like about the software and also get suggestions for the next iteration. I actually volunteered to scribe this particular section because I was not scheduled to as part of this conference because the client (they were new) weren’t sure how useful it would be to scribe this “down-in-the-weeds” discussion as opposed to the other speaker presentations. I volunteered to capture this because I knew it could add value and the first rule of knowledge work is “show up and add value” according to my friend and mentor, Michael Kaufman.

A live graphic record capturing user feedback comments and suggestions.

When it was all over, and I was standing in a sweat-soaked shirt (the rapid-fire responses really kept me on my toes) the client went over the board and said, “you don’t know how invaluable this will be to us.” And I thanked them — but I wanted to say that I did realize how valuable it would be and that’s why I did it…on the house.