Griot's Eye graphic record on healthcare reform from 2010

A real-time graphic record capturing a 2010 healthcare presentation.

In light of the recent historic Supreme Court healthcare ruling, I am sharing a graphic record I did two years ago after the healthcare bill was first passed. It is a real-time capture of the opening presentation of Dr. Allen Kemp, the keynote speaker, at a healthcare forum for physicians and administrators. The illustration is a short synopsis of Dr. Kemp’s main ideas based on Congressional Budget Office (CBO) numbers from 2010.

His remarks—much of them strictly for the healthcare cognoscenti—provide some key insights for those of us outside the medical profession.  My takeaways from his remarks included:

• The U.S. currently spends more on healthcare than the GDP of all but five industrialized nations.

• According to the CBO numbers, at the time of the presentation, the bill proposed was estimated to cost $940 billion in ten years.

• There will be an estimated 32 million reduction in the uninsured population.

• The biggest paradigm shift will be the movement from our volume-based industry (wherein doctors and hospitals are rewarded on a fee-for-service basis) to one based on medical outcomes (meaning the best available evidence-based practices will be applied in cases and the results will be measured to see their efficacy).

This real-time, short synopsis of Dr. Kemp’s presentation represents how I report on your meetings and conferences using live illustration techniques. This illustration demonstrates my ability to layout Dr. Kemp’s main points and ideas in a clear, concise, and illustrative way. Graphic recording is a craft that involves not only the artist’s skills but his ability to synthesize complex subjects in real-time. This listening ability is enhanced by years of experience, and this experience is what distinguishes the work of Griot’s Eye.