A Visual Story Snap Shot of the Mars Pathfinder/Sojourner Mission

This video is one example of Griot’s Eye’s Visual Storytelling services – it is a video “story snapshot” based on a sketch I created in 1998 in my journal when I still worked for MG Taylor Corporation. I decided to redesign the sketch and turn it into a video presentation after seeing the film, The Martian, based on Andy Weir’s superb book of the same name.

Fly through video illustration presentations such as this Mars Pathfinder snap shot are an effective and memorable way to reach your audience.

Are you looking for a creative and innovative way to tell your story – either in a published video, or a click-through presentation that you can speak to at your next conference or meeting? Then contact Griot’s Eye Inc. to find out how we can help you create cool presentations like this one.

Christopher Fuller